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      Taizhou Mingguang Chemical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Mingguang Chemical Co., Ltd.  

      Sodium hydroxide

      CAS number: 1310-73-2
      Molecular formula: NaOH
      Molecular weight: 40
      Appearance: white and shiny, allowing slight color.
      Performance: strong hygroscopicity, soluble in water, corrosive, and neutralize with acids to form salts.
      Uses: Mainly used in papermaking, soap making, textiles, printing and dyeing, chemical brazing, pesticides, petrochemicals; medicine, food, and chemical water treatment in power systems.
      Packing: Packed with two woven and one plastic, 25Kg per bag.
      Transportation and storage: Solid sodium hydroxide should be stored in a dry warehouse, and packaging should be protected from damage, pollution, moisture and contact with acids.

      China Dangerous Regulation Number: 82001
      UN number: Solid alkali 1823, liquid alkali 1824
      LMDG page number: Solid alkali 8225, liquid alkali 8226
      Packaging mark: Corrosive
      Packing category: Type II packaging

      Safety: Sodium hydroxide is highly corrosive. Operators must wear protective glasses, rubber gloves and other labor protection equipment.
      Executive standard: GB 11212-89

        Gifted class First level
      Sodium hydroxide %≥ 99.5 99.0
      Sodium sulfate %≤ 0.02 0.04
      Sodium chloride%≤ 0.45 0.50
      Iron trioxide %≤ 0.004 0.005
      Silica%≤ 0.004 0.006
      Sodium sulfate %≤ 0.050 0.070
      Copper%≤ 0.0002 0.0003
      Calcium%≤ 0.005 0.008

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