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      Ethyl acetate

      Properties: ethyl acetate
      Uses: Ethyl acetate is one of the most widely used fatty acid esters. It is a fast-drying solvent with excellent dissolving ability. It can be used as a solvent for coatings, spray paints, inks, adhesives, artificial leather and nitrocellulose, etc. It can be used to dissolve nitrocellulose, ethyl fiber, chlorinated rubber and vinyl resin, ethylene cellulose ester, cellulose butyl acetate and synthetic rubber. It can also be used in liquid nitrocellulose ink for copiers. It can be used as a solvent for adhesives and a thinner for spray paint. Ethyl acetate can be used to prepare flavors, used in the formulations of magnolia, ylang-ylang, osmanthus, rabbit ear grass toilet water and fruity flavors, as a top note to enhance fresh fruity aroma. It has a mellow effect when used in perfumes. It is a edible spice allowed under GB 2760. It is mainly used for aroma, making spice granules or tablets, and ingredients for brewing vinegar. It is widely used for cherries, peaches, apricots, grapes, raspberries, bananas, pears, and pineapples. , Lemon and melon and other edible flavors. In wine flavors, it is used in the formulations of brandy, whiskey, rum, rice wine and white wine. Ethyl acetate is also used in the synthesis of some dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates. It can be used as an extractant for special modified alcohols, pharmaceutical processes and organic acids. In the electronics industry, ethyl acetate can also be used as a degreaser during cleaning. In the textile industry, it is used as a cleaning agent.
      CAS NO.: 141-78-6
      Annual output: 200,000MT
      Standard: GB/T 3728 industrial grade

      Test items Premium grade
      Chroma (platinum-cobalt color number) ≤10
      Mass fraction of ethyl acetate,%(m/m)≥ 99.80
      Mass fraction of ethanol,%(m/m)≤ 0.05
      Acidity (calculated as acetic acid),(m/m)≤ 0.003
      Moisture,(m/m)≤ 0.040
      density(g/cm3) 0.897-0.902

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